… And me old mate Pappsy is in the cast!

Stephen Papps Play Blowing ItYes indeed folks, old friend and flat mate Steve Papps is playing the role of Jules. This is the latest of a long succession of plays of mine that Steve has performed in. It started with Ladies Night … or it might have been the sequel … at the Centrepoint in Palmerston North back in the early nineties. He did a stand-up routine in that show too, as cross dressing Gavin, MC for our stripteasing heroes. Then came the one man show Blowing It, which we co-wrote and I directed. Pappsy took that all round the world. We even garnered a five star revue at the Edinburgh fringe in the early 2000s.

Success is essentially a naturalistic comedy-drama featuring five stand-up routines. So with so much experience in stand-up and monologues to the audience, he’s perfect for this play. Not to mention the fact that he’s embarking on a career as a comedian. Along with Jeremy and John, the other two actors, he’s taking my draft versions of the routines and making them his own. Stand-up is 80 – 90% performance, so the material has to be assimilated and adapted by the actor until they’re completely comfortable with it … just as long as it’s consistent with character and dramatic situation.

It’s been a while since we worked together. The last project was the feature film Russian Snark, which I wrote and directed and which starred Pappsy. He’s a great actor and comedian, as are John and Jeremy … rehearsals are going to be a blast!